[SOLD] 46M SP Gallente Cap Pilot

The Basics
46M+ SP Moros Pilot
Eveboard: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Mac_Eann
Positive wallet
No kill rights, security status 0.4
Jump clones located in Amarr and FDZ4-A
Character is in Amarr – Amarr VIII (Oris) Emperor Family Academy Station

9M+ SP in Gunnery
5M+ SP in Navigation
11M+ SP in Spaceship Command
Gallente Dread IV
Gallente Battleship V
Ready to go with Geno 1-4 and Gunnery Implants
Remap available

Starting Bid: 35 bn
Buyout: 45 bn

38 bil

I’ll accept that.

Online now to close out.

ISK and account info sent. Thanks Mac!

Transfer started.

Many thanks.


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