WTS Focused Moros Dread Pilot T2 Guns, 17mil SP

Focused Moros Pilot here for sale. In Jita awaiting Transfer. Can fit T2 Guns. T2 Seige Great for WH Ratting or if your looking to lvl it up a bit more for PVP. 17,388,405 SP


Positive Wallet
No kill rights
Located in high sec
In NPC corp
2 remaps

Starting Bid 8bil
BO: best offer.

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18B for not perfect gunnery skill

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Sold pending funds. DM me transfer account.

well. my property is all PLEX.
give me 24h to transfer it to ISK. then I will send mail to your char to tell you the account name.

Sounds good

ISK 18B sent. account name sent by mail. waiting for transfer.

Transfer Started

char accepted. I appreciate your good efficiency.
have a good day.

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