WTS: 41.2m Marauder, Dread Pilot

Semi AFK combat site farmer:
Golem Cruise FOF
Caldari Dread pilot.
Minmatar Force Recon Cyno Pilot
Minmatar Transport Blockade runner Pilot

Loc: Jita
Positive Wallet
Positive SS
No Kill rights

Estimated extraction value: 33b
Estimated value for 5 million SP character after skill extraction: 4b

BUYOUT - 40 Billion ISK

I offer 30B

I can offer 31.5b

36b offer

Character still for sale!


would you consider 40B buy out?

I’m retracting bid … this toon doesn’t specially in ANYTHING.

Considering Fearless Hull 1, no t2 module, so I stopped bidding, I think 36.5b is enough for me to own a t2 Phoenix

  • Of course, I am willing to accept the price of 36.5b
  • If you extract 3.5k skill points. * He can pump out 70 injectors, * And the extractor one 400 million. * Only profit ()8.7-4)x70 = 32.9b.

I’m willing to pay 37b

okay, thank you for the bid. Character is still up for sale.

38.5b ok?

39b last

I accept.

[Email has been sent.](javascript::wink:

isk sent

transferred thx

  • The character has arrived. Thank you

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