WTB Marauder and/or dread pilot

Looking for marauder/dread pilot. Isk in hand, ready to buy as soon as pending char transfer completes (~10 hours)

Will settle for paladin-only, but the ideal toon has:

Marauder IV-V
Min BS V
Amaar BS V
Min Dread IV-V
T2 short-range guns for the above hulls (beams/artillery optional)
appropriate fitting/tank/Gunnery supports

Fine with a focused toon with 0 missile skills / only the pre-reqs for smaller hulls/guns, but will also accept reasonably-priced full featured toons as long as they can fly the above.


Still looking. Happy to pay a fair price.

Hello have pilot that have the following:
Marauder V
Amaar BS V
Min BS V
Gallent BS V
Caldari BS III
Precursor BS V
Amarr, Minmatar, Caldari, Precursor Cruiser V
Amarr and Minmatar Subsystem V
All gunnery Skills basics are V
All Missil Skills basics still need some work but still good
In around 3 months can get on Caldari DreadNough with pretty good skills getting the skills RN
And a lot more of skills you can check character on link
63m SP


Give me your best offer to see if i can consider selling

Hi i can sell it for very good price

I can make an offer if my pending sale fails (seller is having payment issues and may have to refund my isk)

Probably around 50bil? Unfortunately I need Min dread, and don’t really need the cruiser skills so there’s some skills I’d have to extract and re-inject at a loss.

ok for 52b :slight_smile:

i have 3 clones, One for phoenix, one for nagle and one for sleep

50b was in reply to YueMax,

High Priestess Hirl isnt worth more than 35b.

gl :slight_smile:

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