WTB marauder or well skilled cruiser pilot

Let me see what you got.

I was planning to sell this char in a couple of weeks - just training Marauders V - otherwise near perfect PVE character, Caldari BS and Cruiser V, good missile skills (cruise missiles 5) - Good drone skills - almost perfect Gila (been running abyssal t4 printing 100m+ isk per hour easy - was going to start t5’s with some implants. 2 remaps available, +4 implant set - setup for running t4 abyssals. I was going to ask 45b b/o in a couple weeks once Marauders V was in.

Forget to login as character above - Quantum Anomaly

@HelBunny How much without marauders 5? Interested in the toon.

Hey, if you wanted now I would let it go for 42b

I could be persuaded to sell myself for a good offer. Trained for Tengu/Golem with perfect missile skills.

Mysterious Intent Board - Quantum Anomaly (qsna.eu)

  • I’d like to buy this part of you

All Cruisers V + Marauders IV - 67.5b

All Cruisers V + Marauders III - 143.5b (4.5m unallocated)

Is this character still for sale?

Sorry sold, but I will be selling my other char:

73m SP with 2.2m free SP - all round nice subcap pilot with zero waste - looking for 75B