WTB Subcap PvP/PVE Marauder(Vargur) Pilot

Looking For
Marauder V Preferred
Vargur Preferred (Paladin Acceptable)
Magic 14
Scanning able
Covert cloak able
Other subcap skills appreciated

Post best offers below

2.3m free SP to train Marauders 5 - Great range of subcap only ships and skills, Cloak and scanning skills present. 75B

51.3 Mil sp.

Vargur - Marauders IV
Cyno V
Almost all cruisers trained.

@D_Teash I’d like to offer you 46bil for this character

AGreed, I need 1 hour to pack her up and can start transfer then.

Jump clones in Hahda and Jita
Positive Wallet
No Killrights
Will be located in Jita 4 M 4

Sending isk and info now, transfer when ready :+1:

Isk received and account details, transfer completed.

Confirmed character is in transfer process and will be received in 10 hours. Thank you for the fast sale, pleasure doing business with you :smiley: