WTB Dreadnoughts Pilot

You need to fulfill these skills:

Jump Drive Calibration V
Amarr Dreadnought V
Caldari Dreadnought V

Budget within 90b.


Not quite an exact match but was planning on selling my dread alt (this character) soon. 47.1M SP with 1,986,844 free SP. No kill rights, Positive Isk Wallet. Currently in horde space (can be moved at loss of improved implants) cheap dread pod in MJ-.

Character has Amarr Dreadnought V, and Jump Cal V but not Caldari Dreadnought V (with free SP on character you would be about 1M SP short from injecting).

Very good. How many are you gonna sell?

Can negotiate, without the auction/direct buy out I was thinking 44b

40b, we can trade now

Sure send mail

Please wait a moment, I will process the asset conversion to isk before sending

isk and mail sent

Another buyer reached out and offered 42b seeing as you already started the motions wanted to give you a chance to bid. I will return isk if this is not acceptable.

Please confirm that 42b is the final price

yeah I told him if you matched it would be good. 42b is fine

I will pay you 2b again, please transfer the role after receiving it

Sounds good, will start transfer once received.

isk sent

Isk received, transfer started.

Can screenshot transfer page display? That way I know exactly when the transfer will arrive

Not sure where to find that, receipt page includes an email so can’t screenshot that one. If you want the exact time of the transaction it’s 1/1/2024 1:51:36 PM UTC. According to the website there is a 10-hour delay for processing. So 11:51:36 PM UTC the transfer is completed.


No problem, pleasure doing business with you. Happy New Year and Fly Safe.