WTB gun dread alt

WTB dread alt for any of the gun dreads (zirn moros rev nag)
phoenixes need not apply
ideally specced into only one
JDC V and T2 guns (or gun 5 for zirn) are only non-negotiable skills

wts myself 27m amarr dread pilot

with 6 months gametime
37b buyout

Game time doesnt transfer. That is your gametime only

ok, 30b buyout

mid-amulet set included

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27B, ISK is ready for trading?

looking for higher offer

Okay, I agree with your quotation. I can send the ISK first, but I am deleting the character. Please transfer it in 10 hours,Do you agree?


isk accepted, pls send a mail to me with account info.

Please send the role after 10 hours,

guess i got owned for being asleep

still looking for a dread alt, the one posted in this thread that just got sold is what i was looking for

The buyer and seller have reached a verbal agreement, and the buyer has already made the payment, which is already a contract. In this case, reneging or encouraging others to renege is a lack of chivalry spirit

I didn’t say there were any violations in your remarks, I just wanted to express that we should not actively engage in sabotage, which would be disrespectful of gentlemanly demeanor. If there is a conflict between the buying and selling parties themselves, as a mediator, you will have the stance to say that. If my words make you feel offended, I will withdraw my previous remarks

Aside from the fact the new seller hijacked someones wtb thread

Our legion’s novice player asked us to help him reference character information, which was when we discovered your involvement. If you say that, do you want our legion players to voluntarily give up this transaction in order for you to be satisfied?

transfer started

Character Recieved

okay well after all that

bumping because im still looking for a dread alt