Dread Alt 36.9M SP

(GF Inbound) #1

Dread Alt for sale.

  • Located Jita 4-4
  • Positive Wallet
  • No kill rights
  • NPC Corp

36B Start: Scrub D2, PW 54321 (36,9M), Sec: 0.0
Focused Naglfar, Min Dread 5, Capital Projectile 4, 500k Unallocated SP.

(Scrub D2) #2

I am for sale

(GF Inbound) #3

Please reply here and not in game. Thank you.

(P4mela chu) #4

if you extract all the useless not dread skills i can pay 1.2b x milion sp, im not willing to pay for rorqual, industry and misiles skills, that means if you extract it to 23mSP im paying 28B, you should do the math and see if thats ok for you

(GF Inbound) #5

If you look at the characters board there are no missile skills or Rorq skills.

(P4mela chu) #6

mm so whatever non dread skills

(P4mela chu) #7

large projectile medium hybrid…

(UngaBooster Bunga) #8

You know large guns V are required for cap right?

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(P4mela chu) #9

Sorry i was from phone before couldnt check if you extract next skills i buy your char at good price.
1.1m sp in drones all useless Hull upgrades 5 useless, mechanics 5 useless, capacitor emision systems 5 not needed, Energy Grid Upgrades 5 not needed, Controlled burst 5 useless, medium hybrid turret 5 useless, afterburner useless 1.44m in resource processing useless, gallente cruiser 5 useless, 1m sp in subsystems useless.

(GF Inbound) #10

Its not getting gutted for you mate. I’m in no hurry to sell. Have a good day.

(ct130 Kasenumi) #11


(P4mela chu) #12

31 bil

(ct130 Kasenumi) #13


(ct130 Kasenumi) #14

Looks like he stopped chaffer ,because I joined :)

(GF Inbound) #15

32B will take it in 24 hours if it still holds top bid. Thanks.

(ct130 Kasenumi) #16

well, if you are ready, I can do it right now ,let me know when you are ready

(P4mela chu) #17

32.5 bil

(ct130 Kasenumi) #18


(GF Inbound) #19

33b will take it in 10 hours if still top bid. Thanks.

(ct130 Kasenumi) #20

should i send isk and recive account to Scrub D2 in game mail?