WTB Nidhoggur toon and dread toon (seperate toons or same)

50b budget for both (or one)

Pass: 12345

Focused Naglfar pilot. 20m SP.
Tactical Weapon Reconfiguration V
7 days away from Minmatar Dreadnought V

Make me an offer.

17 BIL ready

Too low. Looking for at least 22b.

I can do 20, but that is my max

20 is too low. Sorry.

■■■■ it. Ill do 22 if u can transfer within an hour

going to bed soon, please lmk

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@Destiny_Jaded Yeah i can do the transfer now. It will be a PLEX transfer. Send isk and account info to this character.

logging in now

Sounds good. I am online and awaiting the isk and account info.

isk info sent

Isk and account info received. Transfer ticket submitted. Ticket #804851. Thank you for your business. I will leave the eveskillboard active through transfer so you can verify that the character has not been extracted whilst the transfer is pending.

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