selling myself

amarr dread lv 4
doomsday rapid firing lv 4
everything else related to titan is max out except doomsday rapid firing
comes in with a set of hg amulet with 6% 6-10

current bid: 60b
buyout: 65b

Re-opened by ISD Traindriver


58b bid

sorry but I am not going lower than 60b

Nothing to be sorry about.

If there are no higher bid than 60b in 24 hours it will be yours, thanks for the bid

Hi, you win the bid, transfer the isk and the information about the account that you want me to transfer this character to and Ill start the transfer as soon as possible.

As soon as I will be near PC I will send six and account info in-game.
Should happen tomorrow, I wlll inform you here anyway.

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Isk and account information sent.
Pls before transfer due to character transfer rules inform me about HG amulet clone location. I prefer it to be in Amarr/Jita if it`s friendly space with your standings.

Hi, the clone is in jita no worry

isk received
transfer started

Character received o7

o7, character sold, please close