WTS 25.3 Mil SP... PVE carrier pilot

Good Standings
Sitting in Jita
No Kills Right
Security Status: 5.0
Positive ISK Balance

B/O 26B



I would love to buy this character, but his extract price is somewhere around 15-16b. I would of offered around 18b but you didn’t accept a 20b bid (which IMO was someone buying to use/not extract). Good luck and let me know if price drops as I would love a new carrier pilot



21B Can accept?

26 bill ,

22 bil…considering as mentioned, extraction price is far lower than you are asking, and i’ve not seen a character go for OVER price of what SP it has in a while…


Price 26 b … cheaper I will not sell it


4.2 Billion estimated sell value

2.8 Billion estimated buy value


2.69 Billion estimated sell value

1.75 Billion estimated buy value

is in a station that the char cannot dock in… bringing your total to hmmm break even at 25 b



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