SOLD - WTS 26m SP near perfect Minmatar Dread pilot

I have originally trained this pilot for WormHole ISK making purposes as dreads are able to make approx 1b+/hour in C5 & C6 space including capital anom escalations but the idea or having a Super Cap pilot is now what I have in mind so I need to utilise the isk from this char for my objective.

Clean Slate KB;

  • Jump Drive Operation & Jump Drive Calibration are both 5!!!
  • Comes with a bonus Remap!
  • He’s able to use T2 minmatar capital weapons
  • Minmatar Dread level is currently at 4 so he’s able to burst out 12k DPS cold with 4 faction gyrostabs
  • Able to use Siege Module II
  • Cool looking and cool name!

It comes with a mix of Standard and Basic attribute implants and 3, 3% gunnery implants.
The wallet balance is 19m so he is not isk negative.

Start price: 24 bil
Instant Buyout : 30bil

16 bil

17 Billion ISK


18.5 Billion ISK

19 Bil

Reminder: The start price is 24b guys. Please don’t post undervalued offers. Thanks.

Bumpy Lumpy!

26b ready and waiting for you.

Deal Accepted. Waiting for funds.

Isk and account details sent

Character transfer initiated. Please confirm.

Confirmed - 4 hours late, but confirmed. :slight_smile:

SOLD - Topic closed.

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