[WTS] 60M Minmatar Dread + Carrier Pilot

Positive Sec Status. Low mileage. Positive KB.
Empty Wallet. No Jump Clones. No Killrights.

Not really sure what the value of a character like this is worth so I’ll just wing it. Extraction value is at 45B so I’ll start there.


Edit: PW is 1331

Auction will go on for 1 week.

what‘s the PW?

Password for the skillboard?

Oops my bad PW is 1331

45B to start

I’ll bid 48b

49b offered

50 Bil

51b offered

52 Bil

55b offered

offer retracted


bump closing in 2 hours

Court Room DM 55b sold

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Isk sent and account information sent via in-game mail. Thank you.

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