WTS 54m Caladri & Minmatar Supercarrier pilot

54044644 Skill Points
Minmatar & Caldari carrier V
Capital Ship V
Logistics Cruisers V
Heavy fighters V
Light frighters V

High-grade Ascendancy set in high-sec.
Pilot located in Ryddinjorn(Minmatar high-sec)
Positive Wallet
In NPC corp
NO kill rights

Starting at 45b
B/O 55B

Daily bump

bump .

If someone is interested in this character . I can reduce the B/O to 50B.

Daily bump

bump daily bump

To the top

Daily bump

Now ill cut the initial price to 39B. And reduce the B/O to 45B.

To the top

30b offer

Thank you for your offer. But i still waiting a higher price.

32b my finall offer

36b offer

I hope to hear from you

Thank you for you reply.
This character will be yours if there is no one else offer a higher price in the next 24h.

I will wait 24 hours.

Congratulations on your successful acquisition this character.
You can send 36b isk to this character’s account when you are ready. Then the transfer process will begin.

Just yesterday, I found a character that is more suitable for me
So I rescinded the offer
I’m sorry

Airight. So this character still for sell.