WTS 54m sp Character - Clean History - Caldari Dread

Selling Myself!!

General PVE/PVP Amarr Pilot (Cald/Gallente Skills) with Clean Corp History.
1 Bonus Remap Available
NPC Corp
Wallet Positive
Currently in Amarr with one Jump Clone in Thera

54,689,000 SP

PW: optional

Attributes are currently bonus-ed as there is a Cerebral Accelerator Booster in place adding 10 to each.

Good all around shield ship skills up to Phoenix. Many missiles skills @ V for Rattlesnake fans.

Many Engineering Skills @ V
JDC/JDO V for Long Cap jumps
Minmatar Cruiser V
Caldari Cruiser V

Feel Free to Leave Offers

Starting Bid: 39B
B/O 45B


Still for sale

40 bil

Thanks for your bid.

I’ll give it 24hours from your bid (1500hrs 29-Oct.)

Thank you, bidding is closed.

Please send isk and account details to in-game email.

Sending now!

Transfer commenced several hours ago. Please advise when you receive confirmation

Transfer confirmed ;=)

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