WTS 60.5M SP Command Ship/PVP/Mining Pilot

No Kill Rights
Wallet isk is Positive, and Will Continue to be.
1 Jump Clone with +4 Implants
Main clones has +4 implants as well.
Located in High Sec
5.0 Security Status
1 Free Remap.
This character can be used as a good Fleet Booster, with 7.4 Million in Fleet Support.
All Amarr Sub Cap @ 5
All Caldari below Battleship @ 5
Gallente Battlecruiser, Cruiser, and Destroyer @ 5
Minmater Frigate to Battlecruiser @ 5
Covert ops @ 4
Command Ships @ 4
3.2 Million SP in Missiles Including Heavy missiles, Heavy Assault missiles, and Light Missiles @ 5
7.8 MIllion SP in Gunnery, including Small and medium Energy, Hybrid, and Projectile turrets at 5. Also Large Energy turret @ 5.
Can fly the Nightmare, and most other faction ships.
I will Pay Transfer Fee
Sarum Family Level 4
40 B starting Bid
Buyout 60B

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45 Bill

46 bil in 4 hour

47 Bill

Updated Post

48 bil

49 Bill

50 bil

51b ready

53 Bill

Set a Buyout, If you think your offer is fair, PM me directly and we will move forward.

54b offer

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Bump, Best offer is 54B

Any other Offers?


Ill Accept this Offer.
Please let me know when Isk has been transferred.
Will start character transfer after isk transfer.

thanks.since I am at work now I will sent the isk later

isk and account info sent .plz check


Received Isk. Just started Character Transfer

Character Transfer is complete on my end. Character is no longer on account.