[WTS] 55m SP Amar/Caldari Fax/Carrier pilot

Selling me.
Character Sheet Link
Total Skillpoints: 54,775,532

Fighters V
Tactical Logistics Reconfiguration V
Caldari Carrier V
Amarr Carrier V
Flies Rhea/Caldari T2 Transports

0 Isk balance wallet, no killrights etc, in NPC Corporation.
I pay transfer fee.

Instant Buyout : 50Bill
Starting Bids : 40bill

40B offer

46B offer

50bill B/O

50.5b ready

50bill sent to Tira Anderson.

Instant Buyout amount was set by seller and was met by me.
(Also the character stays in coalition this way ;))

I will contact you tomorrow about to which account the alt should be transferred. Thanks!

Mail sent ingame with destination account name

Accepting/honouring this offer as it met my terms.

I’ll start processing the transfer soon™ just got home. Will post when it’s in process.

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Transfer initiated.

Thanks for the smooth business!

Character arrived, thanks!

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