[WTS] 71m SP Nyx, Hel, Vendetta Pilot + Implant sets

(Mystifier) #1

Hey there,

as the topic states I´m for sale.


Minmatar and Gallente Faction standings are a little on the negative Side but still safe , positive wallet, char and jumpsclones are located in highsec. Oh and no Killrights.

This toon was exclusively used as a Supercarrier Pilot for the last couple of years. Look him up on zkill.

Starting bid at 50b ISK

Bo at 70b

(Sark Dahma) #2


(Mystifier) #3

I know you want me people :wink:

(Sark Dahma) #4

ill do 60bil

(Mystifier) #5

okay you got a deal. convo me ingame for details.

(Sark Dahma) #6

ready. waiting for you

(Sark Dahma) #7

character received

(system) #8

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