WTB - PVE Super pilot (Hel/Nyx)

(dread dropperr) #1

Looking for a PVE super pilot. 20-30b

Focused 20-30m sp range

Prefer Hel or Nyx

Good name not required, but wouldn’t hurt

(Lenok Gallente) #2

Please take a look at my Skillboard


(dread dropperr) #3

Thanks for the reply. Could you give me information on the toon?

Wallet? Kill rights? Location?

Could you tell me how much you’re looking to sell it for?


(Lenok Gallente) #4

Wallet will be positive, no kill rights, In Jita currently. Havent used her in over 3 years.

I know its a bit outside your budget but she is perfectly skilled to this point.

(dread dropperr) #5

Thanks man

It’s definitely a bit high. Especially considering it’s not even close to 30m sp.

I will consider it.

(Lenok Gallente) #6


Just going off the market price for a well allocated super pilot. I can go down to 30b but no lower.

(dread dropperr) #7

Thanks! I will consider it :slight_smile:

(system) #8

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