WTS 71.8M SP PVP (Nyx/Thanatos/Moros and gallente/amarr/minmattar subcap) pilot

Password : 12345

71.8M SP : PVP > Transport > Trade/PI.

PVP Highlights :

Nyx pilot
Gallente Carrier & Dreadnought pilot
Fighters 5, Fighter Hangar Management 5, Light/Medium 5, Heavy Drone 4
Lot of Amarr/Minmattar/Gallente ships (not all of them)
13M SP in Gunnery

Transport Highlight :

Anshar and Obelisk pilot
Gallente blockade runner pilot (Viator)
Iteron Mark V

Misc Highlights :

Located in Jita or Rens, 3 JC (Oursu/Jita/Amarr), all with implants
NPC corporation
Positive wallet (0 isk)
No kill rights
2 Skill Remaps available
14 years old and good looking

I’d like to sell it before sunday (17/06/2018).

Starting Bid : 60 Billion Isk
Buyout : 66 Billion Isk


60 bil


65b is a good offer, if there’s no higher bid before friday the toon is yours

offer retracted, still available

Daily bump

Bumpy bump

61 bill

Prolly last bump, want to close the deal today so let’s go, Vardis highest bid so far

Hey there, Vardis you can contact me if you want to close the deal at 61b

Mr Ouaulf, the isk and account name has been sent

Petition filed, transfer in progress

Character transfered today

Character received, thank you sir

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