WTS 71.8M SP PVP (Nyx/Thanatos/Moros and gallente/amarr/minmattar subcap) pilot

(Zebloude Ouaulf) #1

Password : 12345

71.8M SP : PVP > Transport > Trade/PI.

PVP Highlights :

Nyx pilot
Gallente Carrier & Dreadnought pilot
Fighters 5, Fighter Hangar Management 5, Light/Medium 5, Heavy Drone 4
Lot of Amarr/Minmattar/Gallente ships (not all of them)
13M SP in Gunnery

Transport Highlight :

Anshar and Obelisk pilot
Gallente blockade runner pilot (Viator)
Iteron Mark V

Misc Highlights :

Located in Jita or Rens, 3 JC (Oursu/Jita/Amarr), all with implants
NPC corporation
Positive wallet (0 isk)
No kill rights
2 Skill Remaps available
14 years old and good looking

I’d like to sell it before sunday (17/06/2018).

Starting Bid : 60 Billion Isk
Buyout : 66 Billion Isk


(Gattanera) #2

60 bil

(Shifty Trader) #3


(Zebloude Ouaulf) #4

65b is a good offer, if there’s no higher bid before friday the toon is yours

(Zebloude Ouaulf) #5

offer retracted, still available

(Zebloude Ouaulf) #6

Daily bump

(Zebloude Ouaulf) #7

Bumpy bump

(Vardis Aldah) #8

61 bill

(Zebloude Ouaulf) #9

Prolly last bump, want to close the deal today so let’s go, Vardis highest bid so far

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(Zebloude Ouaulf) #10

Hey there, Vardis you can contact me if you want to close the deal at 61b

(Vardis Aldah) #11

Mr Ouaulf, the isk and account name has been sent

(Zebloude Ouaulf) #12

Petition filed, transfer in progress

(Zebloude Ouaulf) #13

Character transfered today

(Vardis Aldah) #14

Character received, thank you sir

(system) #15

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