WTS 146m+ SP Focused PvP Main | gal dread V

I might be for sale.

Strictly PvP focused toon with over 146m sp., cap skills and more.

SkillQ.net - Seike

Almost all T1/T2 subcaps to V
Perfect gunnery support skills
Perfect missile support skills
Perfect drone support skills
Gallente Dread V, T2 Siege, T2 Guns, JDC V
Skirmish, Armor, Shield, Info links specs at V, command ships V
caldari carrier + all fighter skills injected
And more…

Jump clones (all in high sec):
Mid-Grade Crystal set + missles for Abyssal Cerberus
Mid-Grade Hydra set
Mid-Grade Snake set
Random Paladin pod valued at over 1b

145 skins + 63,000 EveMarks + 181,000 Caldari navy LP:

No corp history
Standings with Caldari Navy for L4 missions
Positive wallet
Positive sec status
One active (private) killright against the character that will lapse in 12 days.
Will be in Jita4-4

Starting bid: 120B

You are obviously free to make any offer you like, but know that I am not willing to go lower than the starting bid.

Interested but skill link doesn’t work.

Apologies, used the new tool for the first time and didn’t share it properly.

Should work now.

No trouble!

130B b/o?

Hey, that seems fair if you are still interested.

Hey. Yeah all good.

I’ll send isk and acc info in game

Isk Transferred.

Thank you. Enjoy!

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