WTB focused Dread toon

Looking to buy a focused Dread toon. t2 guns not required, but appreciated.

t2 siege, and JDC V are what i’m looking for, minm Dread IV atleast (no need for V)

Also Greatly prefer Revelation, but will look at anything that’s NOT a pheonix.

Show me what you guys have! Looking for 20-30m SP. Not looking for a perfect one (30-35m+) as I don’t quite have the budget for that.

Check my & extract skills what you no need & sold it.

You’d have to extract a lot if you wanted to do that haha. I don’t need any of the JF skills, none of the sub cap gun skills, don’t need JDC V (down to IV)

don’t need the industry, harvesting, trading, or the ship skills outside of moros.

If you can extract all that and sell it to me for 25b I’ll take it.

Good Idea, I will extract all wast skills (20Mill SP+) & reduce price for 20 Bill + for fast sell.

Sounds good! as long as JDC V stays, and the relevant gun/ship skills for moros stay. I’m online for the next 2 hours or so. :slight_smile:

Going to work now, but I’ll be home in about 7-8 hours or so, Send me a mail in game with the updated eveskillboard and everything. and I can get this started tonight. :slight_smile:

bump! still looking, other guy backed out.

to the top.

Someone’s gotta have a good dread for sale no? :slight_smile:


Jdc 5
T2 siege in less than a week

send me price ingame

Are you asking me? Or Django.

Either way still looking! Unfortunately Django already got sold by the time i woke up lol.

About to post this character on the bazaar

(pw 1234)

oops, looks like I’ll have to login as that character on the forums in order to do so!

Looks great, how much you looking for?

Just researching Value atm. So far this is the most recent and similar I have found… WTS Naglfar pilot 27kk sp

convo me in game, let’s figure out a price :slight_smile:

got the isk ready now. I got about 2 hours before I go into work, make the sale thread and I’ll send it asap :slight_smile:

Sale thread is already up :wink:

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Hi, How am I supposed to contact you to buy your character?

Not sure what you mean?