WTS Naglfar pilot 27kk sp

  1. positive wallet balance
  2. no kill rights
  3. empty jump clones
  4. character’s location - hisec near trade hub

27kk sp, T2 Siege, T2 Autocannon, Minmatar Dreadnought 5, Jump Drive Calibration 5.
Have injected and not trained Gallente and Caldari Dreadnought with relevant weapons.
Unallocated SP 590,662

pw - 2222

starting bid 26B
pls use step 0.5B if you wanna increase bid
buyout - 32B
deadline - 30.04.19

I will pay 1000 plex for transfer, so you don’t need extra pay %)

30B isk

32B buyout

I would like to offer 35b for b/o if you are interested

ill pay 34 bil buy out :slight_smile:

I found another buyer in game mail, sorry

isk and account info sent :slight_smile:

Really?I just came late for a few hours.It should be mine.

That’s how auctions go… unless he told you specifically you won, you didn’t. Don’t feel entitled over something like that.

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I hope to get it, if possible.


1000plex in plex vault, isk received.
I created support request about character transfer.

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