WTS Naglfar Pilot 21m SP

360000 unlocated sp
21m sp
perfected naglfar pilot
positive wallet
no kill-rights
located in 4-4
sec status -1.6
ready to c6

starting bid 27b

PLEX transfer

29b b/o Did you accept my offer yesterday, didn’t you? :slight_smile:

@Sweety_Toy waiting for 24 hours and if no one will kill your price your account

Thank you.

gonna give 30b if me make a deal right now,bro

I accept the sentence Sweety Toy, waiting 30b ISK and a letter with the data on the character.

ISK and account info have been sent. Put 1000 plex in yours plex vault and then request a transfer via ticket. (character transfer category)

ISK received. I start the transfer.

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Can you sketch my account name on screenshot? Thank you.

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