WTS 29.5 mil SP Perfect Naglfar character B/0 30b


NPC Corp.
Located in highsec.

Positive Wallet.

Positive Security Status.

Will transfer character by PLEX.

B/0 30b

30b try

I will accept 31b :slight_smile:

will think. btw how could we trade with plex?

Private contract to my character in Jita 4-4 or Perimeter TTT 31b/current plex price = Required plex amount
:grinning: . Then I open a ticket and in 12-20 hours it yours(usually) but up to 2 days

k thanks. i will reply here in 24h if i decide to buy.

yep, ty

still wanna a toonie? i can accept 30b

b/o 28b now

Sweet for sale is great

25b offer

27bn B/O

0/ make it 28.5b and perfect lady Sweety will be yours right now! :slight_smile: I wanna met you at 28.5 :slight_smile:

i cab do 27.5bn

don’t wanna accept 27.5b right now, maybe a bit later. B/0 stands at 30b

i do hate waiting, so i can do 28bn

Cool, I will accept your offer today at 18.00 ET( a bit later I mean 7 days), So, be on at 18.00 ET and maybe you win :slight_smile:

Willing to meet 28.5bn offer for a buyout