WTS: 100m PvP focused toon (Subcaps, Dread, FAX, Marauder)

I am for sale.

SkillQ.net - Liu Yanfei

Amarr dread V + T2 Siege and guns
FAX with T2 Triage
Marauder V
Recon V + all racial cruisers V
Logistics Cruisers V
Jump Drive Calibration V
Perfect gunnery + missile support skills

Implants (all in JIta):
Full + 5 set with alchemist
Mid-Grade Snakes
Mid-Grade Hydras

3 Remaps available
+10 booster active for another 6 days

Located in Jita
Postitive wallet
Positive sec-status
No killrights

Starting bid: 75b
Buyout: 95b

75 bil ISK Ready

How does 82 sound?

I have 77 bil and need to leave something to play with
So max I can go is 76 bil sorry, so I offer that, 76 bill…
Let me know if interested o7

Bump still available

still available

77 bil o7

78 bil ISK

80b offer

81b offer

85? last

If the offer is current I can agree on 85b.


Ok how we can do it?

pleas contakt in game.

Money is transferred in the game. Please make the transfer.

Hi, apologies. I was traveling to fam for holidays. Transfer has been started - thank you and enjoy :slight_smile:


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