Closed. Skills will be drained....WTS 100M PVP Pilot

NPC Corp
Positive Wallet
No Kill rights
Located in Jita
1.25m Unallocated Skill Points

B/O 75B

Daily Bump

c’mon, who doesn’t want a Nightstorm in their arsenal…

70b for me

Can You go to 85b? I think its a good price looking at other sales for 100m skill points

85 is so expensif for 100m SP 72b

Thanks for the offer but no thanks. I will wait and see what happens or try again when her skills are greater

72 bil

Too low

dude we can find toons with 130m SP to 80b…

Daily bump


Buy out set to 75B…

bumping hard

75B Buyout, within 2 days only

Sorry, now only 66 Million

Perchance is this “drained” toon for sale? I’d be interested.

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