WTS 111m SP PVP Pilot

  • Currently NPC Corp.
  • Positive Wallet balance.
  • No Kill rights.
  • Transfer isk to this char

Start bid : 95 bil
B/O : 120 BIL

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100b for me

110b He is yours

toons with 150m sp selled this day for 110b… good day


105b bo?
Can transfer ISK asap.
OK I have sold most everything and I have 108.5 to offer!

110 Billion

110.5b !
Make my new year!

For those who weren’t successful in this auction, this lady is also setup for PVP. Fewer skill points but cheaper, 100b B/O

ok 110b

I will log in and send it now
With account info!
You made my new year!! 12:15 am here!!!

Account name sent
ISK sent to Nakh Bretora

isk account name received, Transfer Character started

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