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(Daoto) #1

Looking to Sale my Golem Pilot.

+35 mil SP
2.6 mil SP so you can focus on what you want to train.
Positive wallet
positive Sec
no kill rights
2 remaps
in high sec and will move to a NPC corp as soon as corp roles clear.
1 jump clone
Opening bid 20mil

(Aiko H) #2

20mil… ha?

(Koudetrik) #3

30 Mill!

(Daoto) #4

Let me finish cleaning out her station close to finished, day long project and I will get rid of her roles so about 26 hours from now I should be able to transfer. Let me know where you want her in high sec.

(galactic safe space) #5

ill offer 100 mill ;).

(Sasha Viderzei) #6

200 millions ISK !

(Koudetrik) #7

Let’s stop the fun. I give 1000 millions!

(Daoto) #8

going to pull it off the market ty for all the fun

(system) closed #9

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