[closed] WTB Scanning Toon


(Throwin Deezonem) #1

Interested in a scanning alt. PM or replay with eveboards.

Looking for Astrometrics 5 and scanning supports to 3 or 4.

Any race frigate to 5 and covops trained to 3 or better.


(Big Pops) #2

What prices are you looking for? I have a toon that has Amarr frig 5, Cov Ops 5, Astrometrics 5, scanning supports at 3

(Throwin Deezonem) #3

How much are you asking? I can do anywhere from 3-3.5 as of right now.

(Big Pops) #4

Sorry that’s under transfer cost. I’m looking for 4.5b.

(Throwin Deezonem) #5

No worries. Already bought another toon. Thank you for your response

(system) #6

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