[CLOSED] WTS 132.5 mil SP Beast

No Longer For Sale

:arrow_forward: Excellent all-around Character - Sub Caps & Caps
(has just under 300k unallocated SP’s also)
:arrow_forward: Positive Wallet
:arrow_forward: No Kill Rights
:arrow_forward: 2 Remaps Available
:arrow_forward: 1 jump clone in high sec 0.0 and one in low sec (can be moved upon request, they have some decent implants)
:arrow_forward: Character located in Hi-Sec - Will place in Jita
:arrow_forward: Good Security Standings - Can fly hi-sec just fine, only has issues in Amarr space
:arrow_forward: Accepting offers above 120B
:arrow_forward: Buyout 150B
:arrow_forward: Will Pay Transfer Fee

No Longer For Sale

111 bil

Thank you for the bids so far, hoping to see some more :slight_smile:

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112.5 bil


113.5 bil

Bid removed

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Still looking for a good home and warm meals :slight_smile:


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