[CLOSED] WTS 86mSP PVP support character

WTS 86 mil support character

Good PVP skills, cyno 5, links and other stuff please take a look http://eveboard.com/pilot/D3adly_n1nja

In jita atm.

positive wallet

positive sec status

Starting bid 75 bil.

75 B …

daily bump

Daily bump

I will let this go on for another two days… will finish Sunday evening eve time



24 hours left ish…

Last bump before end tonight

78b if you can hold the character for me for a bit

Holding is not a problem. If you end up winning.

did i win :grinning:

Lol I’ll tell you what if no more bids till 20:00 gmt it’s yours. :slight_smile:

78bn B/O.

Test subject your offer accepted. I cannot log in until my vpn comes back online, hopefully tomorrow. Is that ok with you?


Test subject, I was told my internet will be down till Friday. Is that acceptable for you?

What happened to my 78b bid :confused:

Do you have the cash?

i do ready