CLOSED WTS Mining, Industry & Science - 58m Skill Points, 4m Unallocated

I am for sale. Setiboss


  • Over 58mil SP

  • Over 4mil unallocated skill points allowing you to specialize or go straight into jump freighter, orca etc.

  • Full +4 clone with beancounter

  • All clones in high sec

  • Remap available now

  • 2010 Character

  • +ve wallet

  • +ve standing with almost all NPC corps

  • +ve sec status

All standard rules apply, I pay transfer costs, accepted offer to be agreed here and via in game mail.

Edit: Added more info

25B isk ready to pay right now

32 bil

30.01 bill

31 bil

32.1BIL offer

32.2 bill

33 billi

33.1 bill

mail me before you do final sale.

A little bump

33.5 bil


bump :cold_face:

34 bil


34.5 bil


35B ready to pay

35.5 bill