[CLOSED] WTS/WTA 27.1 m skill points Jump Freighter / multipurpose char

Name: Base-ic
27.1 m skill points

PW: 123789

Starting bid: 18b
Buyout: 23b
Reserve: hidden (will be revealed when met)

Auction ends 23 December at 20:00 hrs. Eve time or when buyout is met.

ISK to Base-ic please.
All CCP rules apply.

Base-ic is located in Jita,
has a positive wallet,
no kill rights,
sec-status: 5.00,

1 bonus remap,
yearly remap 2 weeks from now,

several pre-injected skills (incl. capital skills),

5 x +4 Implants,
2 x Hardwirings (Warp-speed + agility).

Base-ic can fly:

  • Jump Freighters (Minmatar + Amarr)
  • Freighters (Minmatar + Amarr)
  • ORE Freighter (Bowhead)
  • Exhumers
  • Blockade Runner “Viator” (Gallente)
  • Deep Space Transport “Occator” (Gallente)
  • Covert Ops (Gallente + Concord)
  • Assault Frigs (Gallente)
  • Logistics Frigs (Gallente)
  • Expedition Frigs
  • Interceptors (Gallente)
  • Electronic Attack Ships (Gallente)
  • HACs (Caldari)
  • Recon Ships (Caldari) in training 1 1/2 days left!!!
  • Logistic (Caldari)
  • Stealth Bomber (Gallente)
  • Strategic Cruiser “Tengu” (Caldari)
    … and lots of normal ships :wink:

Any questions? Feel free to ask!

Happy bidding :slight_smile:

19b here and now, how do you want to transfer?

Make it 21b and he is yours!

ok deal, isk and info sent

Perfect, thx!
ISK received.
Starting transfer asap.

Char otw :slight_smile:
Have fun!

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