hey all,

selling an PVP Char with 68mill skill points and a very green KB.

Mostly i flew Loki, Orthus, Bomber, Stratios, Gila, Hyperion, Ferox, Raven, Barghest, Rattlesnake (and a lot more combat ships) with him.

He can fly Logi (T2 Scimitar), and Nestor (with T2 large Remote Armor Reps) or Osprey.

  • full HG crystal set + missile and shield imps (2.5 bill)
  • full HG slave set with HP and repair imps (2.5 bill)
  • no killrights
  • positiv sec status
  • Top Killboard
  • Skills
  • Imps are circa 5 bill.

at the moment of sell, he will be at Jita 4/4 in a NPC Corp.

55 bil

58 bil

updated the basic informations with all the imps. if we go for 65 bil it will be a good start with a b/o at 70 bill.

59 bil

60 bil

a way to low…will keep it and close that

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