Char for Sale- Rev/Trig/Logi/Stormy/Bhall/Blops SOLD

Last char for sale- 54 Mil SP Super Alt

Can fly Trig Ships/Revelation/Logi/ Stormy/Bhallgorn/Blops/Etc.

Positive Sec Status
No Kill Rights
Positive Wallet
in Highsec
Mid Grade Amulet Set

Skills- - Black BirB

Convo my main Gary Bell in game

47 Bil Start/ 51 Buyout

My Main <<

Its Bump Oclock

40b bid to get you started :innocent:

45b, ISK ready.

I would do 48 today if your interested.

I can offer 46.5

Meet me at 47 :stuck_out_tongue: whats 1 bil between bros

47 it is, who do I send the isk to?

Send isk to Black BirB. Always send to the char for sale. Then send a mail with account information to transfer to :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks

ISK and account info sent.



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