6Bil for Kuang

Give you +500M if accepted in next 2h.


Thanks for the bids. I will give it one more day. If no one will bid on them, I will sell them to you.

7 bil for Kuang if quick as bidding another as well

Sounds good to me. I will be at home in the evening, if no one will outbid you till then - it’s yours.

Ok let’s see what happens, I am on another that finishes before this evening although I do prefer your char, if you accept the 7 bil I can transfer the isk to you now and you can sort out transfers later this evening… your call :slight_smile:

7.5B for Kuang

8 bil for kuang

8.5B for Kuang

9 bil for Kuang

I accept you offer. I sent you a PM

senT isk and account details (by eve mail) to Kuang


6bil for Ananias Andedare Is it possible to buy now? @Ananias_Andedare

@ Colonel Gdaffie Eve mail sent

@ darkislife zhang thanks for the offer, I will give it a bit more time

Ananias Andedare 6.2B offer.

6.5bil offer

6.7B Offer

Redacted @Darth_Rath can have it

All received with thanks, and good luck with sales

bump, 1 char sold

Ananias Andedare I Have 5B for her.