• Should have good core skills (most 5 on nav, engineering, shields, armor, targeting…)
  • some of frigs, cruiser, battleship to 5 would be nice, but not neccesary as the most important thing for me are core skills
  • budget up to 35b

Offering myself, core skills maxed to 5

I’m not against extracting irrelevant skills for the right price

How much would you want for that toon if you extracted 8-10m sp from it?

In order to meet your budget I would assume more than 10m would have to be extracted, maybe around 16m-20m. Otherwise extracting it would be more profitable.

If we assume 450m/injector you would get like 7.2b from extracting 8m sp, could also go a bit higher with budget, just tell me what you would want if you extract 8-10m sp

can we chat in-game?



According to in-game agreement, 14m SP extracted so this char has 37.2m SP, as updated in the following link:
Agreed 38B for current char

Please send isk and account name.
Transferring with plex so please allow a few days for the transfer.

account name and isk sent

Ticket submitted.

Good luck!

character recieved

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