Hi, i need purchase a new pilot, can be any type of pilot.

Interested in two things :

  • Nice name (not want to copy name to sent something myself)
  • Female is a plus.
  • Minmatar Race.

I not have preference of any type of ship, combat ship, or something. Only need two things stated, and can be a low points is nice name and look. I pay accord and normal price. No problem in mpurchase freighter, industrial, miner, fw, dont need implants or whatever.

Only need be Minmatar and between 5-10m

Answer the thread, dont reading eve mail.

(Sorry, meant to reply with the char being sold) Look here

Answer sent. I make my final offer, but ready to purchase any pilot as i am seeking.

Today bump

Today Bump. If tomorrow monday dont get something i close the thread.

bump for Last day.

Expired, no need more. Closed, Kaput.

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