Avatar hull + 3 Capital trimark II

65 Billions.

I would also accept to trade for another Avatar docked in low-sec of the North.

This is not a firesale.

And that’s why it won’t sell.


Is that a freeport Keepstar ? can you move it like somewhere where I can have acces ?

No, this is not firesale. :relaxed:
No, it is not freeport keepstar. :disappointed:
No, I can not move it. :worried:
You can only buy this if you have access to that keepstar. :thinking:

offer you 50 for it

Then it doesn’t seem like you have much power in this transaction. You are selling to a very limited subset of people.

I will pay 51B for it.


74 B is the normal price.
74 - 15% (Safety Tax) = 62,9 B
Minimum price in 63 B including 4 DD. Racial+Lance+Boson+GTFO

Can’t move it ( as you don’t have access )
Doesn’t want to pay safety costs ( otherwise you would of moved it already )
No one in that area is going to pay 63B +

52B offered

Ehhhhhh… Uhmmmmm… Ahmmmmmm…

No. :relaxed:

55B offered

You’ve got an ingame offer. Sadly this board didn’t allow direct messages. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Sent an in game message also

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