WTS Avatar (SOLD)


Would like to sell for 60b for the hull. Only one in the area and cheaper then few others as well.

62b for this avatar

Mail sent.

24 hours only 59b.

Other buyer has not responded.

Sell for sale.

Mail sent.

Can you please advise of a location, I am very interested.

Mail sent. to Halleflix.

Please note the 59b offer has come to a close. Going to do a new offer of 60b for next 24 hours. After which I will come back in month to try again.

ISK is ready if you can provide a location lol.

If u want something sold say the location for ■■■■ sake lol… Nobody is going to stalk the Station 24/7 for the rest of his life to dunk a titan… and worst case u can just undock and jump out 1 min before downtime so stop this paranoia ■■■■ I wanted to buy it but if u can’t even provide the simple answer to where it is then rather keep it and think about it for 1 month lol

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