Mastery 4 Ragnarok & Naglfar
Tech 2 Guns & Siege
Can sit in a Recon to Cyno

2.2M Unallocated SP
Full set of High-grade Nirvana

-Located in Perimeter - Tranquility Trading Tower
-In NPC corp.
-Positive Wallet
-No Killrights

Starting Bid: 35 Bil
B/O: 45 Bil


Offer 36B

37b :slight_smile:

38b offer

I will give everyone 24 more hours then I will accept Acc1den7 Aldent 's offer

Offer Retracted.

40 bil

42B b/o

43B offer

45b B/O

offer 46b

50b B/O

Erin Davis offer accepted, Send ISK and account info.

Erin Davis Hmm

isk sent account info in your email , waiting for transfer.

thank you, waiting for character.

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