WTS 46.3M SP Ragnarok & Naglfar focused pilot

Mastery 4 Ragnarok & Naglfar
Tech 2 Guns & Siege

Full set of High-grade Nirvana
Can sit in a Recon to Cyno


-Located in Perimeter - Tranquility Trading Tower
-In NPC corp.
-Positive Wallet
-No Killrights

Starting Bid: 38 Bil
B/O: 45 Bil

I also use the pilot as a Resource SP Farm but If you don’t do that then you can just Exstract it!

Shadow Miner01 38B

39b offer

Shadow Miner01 40B is my max.

I have to leave town for a few weeks so I’m going to end early, I accept both Queen Currency and WTB All Characters, whoever confirms first gets the character. assuming it’s within the next 24H.

Sending the ISK and account info now

Well Queen Currency that makes you the winner. Send the ISK and account info and I’ll send the character over.

i also bought another character sorry m8

Well I guess I’ll just relist when I get home. Thanks for letting me know Queen Currency

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