WTS 46.3M SP Ragnarok & Naglfar focused pilot

Mastery 4 Ragnarok & Naglfar
Tech 2 Guns & Siege

Full set of High-grade Nirvana
Can sit in a Recon to Cyno


-Located in Perimeter - Tranquility Trading Tower
-In NPC corp.
-Positive Wallet
-No Killrights

Starting Bid: 38 Bil
B/O: 45 Bil

I also use the pilot as a Resource SP Farm but If you don’t do that then you can just Exstract it!

Shadow Miner01 38B

39b offer

Shadow Miner01 40B is my max.

I have to leave town for a few weeks so I’m going to end early, I accept both Queen Currency and WTB All Characters, whoever confirms first gets the character. assuming it’s within the next 24H.

I already to another character, I’m pulling my bid.

Well Queen Currency that makes you the winner. Send the ISK and account info and I’ll send the character over.

i also bought another character sorry m8

Well I guess I’ll just relist when I get home. Thanks for letting me know Queen Currency