[SOLD] Focused Ragnarok Pilot ( + Naglfar ) 38m SP


  • Currently NPC Corp.
  • Positive Wallet balance.
  • No Kill rights.
  • Character location JITA 4-4.
  • Positive sec status,
  • Transfer isk to this char

Rare name
Capitals: Ragnarok | Naglfar
Perfect jump skills
T2 capital guns
Doomsday Operation - V
High-Grade Nirvana set

Start bid : 37 bil
B/O : 42 BIL

30b offer

Dayly bump

31b isk



Guys, this is all below the cost of SP

You get about 27b for extracting skills, and I think I’ve outbid it, bro

it’s not for extraction, it’s for play… 10b books and implants in this char

Offer 37bil if we can wrap this up in short order, mail Zelvig in game to close. Highest offer by 4bil and can have isk sent in 24hrs of this post.

bid accepted. waiting isk and account name on eve mail

This was sent as of this post

isk and account name recieved. Transfer started

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