[SOLD] WTS 32.5m SP Extremely Focused Ragnarok/Naglfar Pilot

Since I have no use for this character, i’m looking to sell it.


Highly focused Ragnarok/Naglfar Pilot.

Can use T2 Guns with spec 4.
Minmatar Titan 4
Minmatar Dreadnaught 4
Doomsday 4
Doomsday Rapid Firing 4
Jump Portal Operation 4
Very good base skills.

B/O 45b [I know this is a bit high, but I will give good consideration to all offers :slight_smile:

Offer of 32.5b agreed in-game, please confirm so that I can send isk and account name.

32.5b Buyout agreed ingame, awaiting isk and account info.

ISK Recieved, Account info recieved.

Characters transfer started to account: s******

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