WTB Ragnarok Pilot

As the title states, I am looking for a dedicated Ragnarok Pilot. Post what you have with what you are looking to get. I will be willing to add for HG Nirvana pod set, and HG Ascendancy pod set located in HS NPC stations. Some key skills I will want:

Minmatar Titan 5
Doomsday Operation 5
Rapid Doomsday 4
Jump Drive Calibration 5
Good shield skills

I can bend a bit, but I am not looking for a sitting toon that needs another year of training to be able to field the ship.

Ok I am a Maxxed Minmatar Titan pilot , I just sold my Titan today so bear with me as I’m gonna put myself up for sale , I can actually fly skill wise level 5 2/3 titans but I only have maxed Titan 5 on the minmatar pilot. Let me find out how much I want to put him up for sale so look for me in the next day or so . Thank you

I saw your post, i’ll offer 145b but I need a day or two to get liquid.

Post on my thread plz what your intentions are thank you.

BUMP still looking.

Hey WTB i sent you a in game mail with a decent proposal ill probably do that and post it for sale at that price just giving u first shot if u are interested if not no worries thank you.

I replied and look to negotiate with you on your proposal. Still looking in the meantime.

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I’ll be back in a few hours from now and look online ingame and message u back . Thanks

Are you still looking? I have a specialized Ragnarok pilot with about 45M skill points. Almost every skill is dumped into the titan skill plan, he can also fly a Naglfar but that is pretty much it.

Titan 5
DD operation 5
Rapid DD 4
Jump drive calibration and operation 5
Good core shield skills

I literally just sent the isk 10 minutes ago. Appreciate it and good luck.

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