[WTS] Great Ragnarok pilot - 44m SP


Character has all relevant skills trained to level V including:
Minmatar Titan
Doomsday Operation
Doomsday Rapid Firing

Hyper clone worth over 3b (ideal for Hyper Rag) in Basgerin:

Full +5 (except social) clone located in Rakapas.

Character is located in hisec NPC station, has positive security status and no kill rights.
It has activated 3 relevant skins, including Ragnarok Headhunter skin (best Rag skin!).

Character will be transferred via petition to CCP.

Start bid: 45b (0.5b increments please)
B/O: 60b

lets start with 45b

45.1 bil


45.3 bil

Thanks for the bids, but 0.5 bil increments guys please :slight_smile:

46 b offered

when will this bid ends if not reaching the b/o?

I expect it to reach b/o, judging by recent sales, but nevertheless it will end 24hrs from when my reserve is met.

47 bil

48 bil

48.5 bil

50 bil

51 bil

52 bil

52.5 bil

53 bil


B/O: 60b

Congratulations Foxx Crime!

Please send isk and account info via evemail.
I will raise request to CCP for character transfer when I wake up in few hours.