[SOLD] WTS Ragnarok Pilot

pw: 4321

45.7m SP
750k additional unallocated SP
Titan V
Doomsday Operation V
Doomsday Rapid Firing IV
Supports V
Tactical Weapon Reconfiguration V
Minmatar Dreadnaught IV

Clean killboard
3 remaps available
+3 training implants with +5s on Intelligence/Perception

Positive wallet balance
No kill rights
Located in Jita

Starting bid 60b
B/O 75b

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I’ll start it off at 60b

Didn’t say it in the post but obviously this transaction will be paid for by me.



ill offer 45b

The current high bid is 60b. Auction will stay open until sometime Sunday ustz


55b b/o

56b iskm offered

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, here is the definition of the term ‘auction’: a public sale in which goods or property are sold to the highest bidder.

The highest bidder is currently Ami at 60b. If you’d like to make an offer, please make it a valid one.

Going to leave this auction going for another 24 hours. If there is a new high bid in that time the auction will be extended.

lol, thats an interesting point of view on things. auctions have determined end date from the start, but you are the expert. I will wait to see which of the other offers are gonna be valid when you make up your mind to sell.

also fix title to WTA instead of WTS if its an auction

I would have to be rather stupid to accept a 55b offer when there’s a 60b offer on the table.

she might not have her bid still on the tale, that was days ago, maybe she found another pilot. you should seek confirmation before blasting down everyones offers.

That’s always a possibility so I’ll clarify: the minimum sell price is 60b.

@Ami_Takahashi can you please confirm if your bid is still good?

Yes my offer is still good. If I do end up winning the character, please send me a in game DM in addition

Will do, thanks.

Going to call this sale closed pending receipt of isk and account info from @Ami_Takahashi