-- CLOSED --

Hello I am a very new player and looking for a group to join. I found your group online when doing some research and would love to join. My in game name as the same as above.

do you do any faction warfare there? if so i would like to have an invite

Invite sent!

@Egg_Fwied_Rice - Unfortunately not; getting involved in Faction Warfare will flag us criminals in certain parts of space; not good for us! :slight_smile:

I would like to join

Hey! Im interested in joining, Returning player but still new.

Interested on this!

SatedOne in game, NZDT, someone suggested I try you!


All invites are up to date!

Looking forward to welcoming you to the team :slight_smile:


Hey there,

This isn’t relevant to recruitment, but could you have a quick chat with me in-game? I’m having a hard time reaching any alliance contacts/diplomats during my hours. Much appreciated if you’re able to help.

Message request sent ingame! It’s best to get through to me on Discord though, at BJK#5526 :slight_smile:

Hi, I would like to join. My name in game is: Bobeard

Invited, we are now all up to date!

Hi, I’m a new player and would like to join

Sign me up!

Sign me up! IGN Erenii

Sign me up
IGN: Sermend Sazas

Hello im new quick learning player and i would like to join your group to get to know with more people and to learn more about the game!

Ign: Avinator

I haven’t played EVE Online long, I want to join a big 0.0 space alliance and learn to get into big battles as I see on Twitch. Please let me fly with you. I am a fast learner and ready to do whatever is needed of me.
IGN: Bakuub